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Moving into the COVID new-normal phase, we organized our first in-person Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) event in more than 2 years. Our volunteers spent a memorable day out with close to 40 children and teachers from Care Corner at the Singapore Zoo. Care Corner is a social service agency which focuses on serving children with special learning needs or from disadvantaged backgrounds. Even though ART testing, mask wearing (when outdoors) and safe distancing were no longer mandatory, we adhered to all these measures in order to keep the event safe. Through fun and games played in teams, the goal was to learn about the urgent need to protect our animals and their habitats. At the end of the event, each member of the winning team was given the privilege to choose an animal from the Zoo’s adoption programme, to which SIF made a monetary contribution towards its upkeep and well-being.


In 2022, the Group has also made donations to Queenstown Multi-Service Centre, Ren Ci Hospital and other local associations to support their worthy causes.

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