Welcome to Sing Investments & Finance Limited

Brand profile

One of Singapore’s most trusted financial institutions

Established since 1964, Sing Investments & Finance Limited (SingFinance) is one of Singapore’s leading finance companies listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. Serving both individuals and companies, we offer a full spectrum of financial products and services, which include deposits, personal financing and corporate financing for SMEs.

With four branches strategically located islandwide, we have grown from strength to strength to become one of Singapore’s most trusted financial institutions.

Our Story

2024 marks Sing Investments & Finance Limited’s 60th anniversary. In commemorating this significant milestone, we are celebrating our new chapter with a distinctive new look – a refreshed identity with the abbreviated ‘SingFinance’ brand name.

Our new identity is a strategic reflection of our transformation and the new chapters we are embarking on with you to bridge futures.

Though our logo is now different, we remain the same: Sing Investments & Finance, the trusted homegrown financial institution you can rely on for any financial chat.

Sincerity, integrity and flexibility

With strong corporate values of sincerity, integrity and flexibility, our reputation has continuously won us top industry accolades and awards over the years.  These are testaments to our relentless pursuit of excellence and the positive impact we bring to the communities in Singapore.

At SingFinance, we are dedicated to one promise – Shaping the future together with you. Because we are all about building relationships, we see your future as our very own. We believe together, we can inspire lives and livelihoods to illuminate a happier and brighter future for all. With 60 years of devotion to providing financial services to businesses and individuals, we are a friend you can always count on.

Let’s bridge the future together. Discover the bountiful wonders and gratification success brings. For you, your business, and your loved ones.

Brand Belief

We see your future as our very own.

Perhaps success is embraced only by the courageous. Maybe true strength is found on the roads less travelled. Perhaps trust is carved into our very being. And grit, encoded into our DNA.

So, we ask… What if…

Finance was more than just about dollars and cents, profits and margins. What if finance could create enduring value and catalyse businesses for sustainable growth. Sees the extraordinary in the ordinary. Understands businesses as aspiring institutions, not entities.

What if finance was made seamless and accessible to all. Purposefully improving lives and turning dreams into reality. Building families and founding futures for our next generation.

What if finance was personalized and unique to every business and individual. And what if finance was all about you. 

The year was 1964.

And 60 years later today, the answers remain clear. At SingFinance, that’s what we have been doing. Every single day.

We see ourselves as
Empowerment to people
Bonds to relationships
Ammunition to aspirations
Innovation to businesses
Solutions to challenges
Possibilities to futures

60 years of relentless devotion to providing financial experiences to businesses and individuals.

Many of whom today call us friends.
At SingFinance, we see your future as our very own. Inspiring life and livelihoods to illuminate a happier and brighter future for all. Striding exceptional journeys of courage with you, unfolding the next chapter of growth.

And above all,
bridging futures with you.