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SIF remains firmly committed to giving back to the society and advocating good environmental practices. In our efforts to reach out to the less fortunate through community work, we organize CSR activities and encourage our staff to actively participate in these meaningful events.

On 19 September 2015, volunteers from SIF visited the Chee Hoon Kog Moral Home for the Aged Sick, a home for about 125 residents, most of whom are wheelchair-bound.

The event kicked off with our volunteers accompanying about 50 residents for their daily exercises with their physiotherapists. Exercise was followed by a sing-along session and games before tucking in to a sumptuous meal. The visit ended with our volunteers distributing goody bags to the residents.

The reward was more than seeing the happy faces of the residents of the home. SIF staff volunteers deepened their bond with one another.

As part of our continuous effort in caring for the community, we have also donated to institutions providing free or subsidized medical and healthcare services as well as welfare societies in aid of the less fortunate. For the third consecutive year, we have contributed to Business China, a platform dedicated to raising the bilingual and bicultural quotient of Singaporeans as well as the global connectivity of Singapore.

In line with global efforts to save the environment and reduce global warming, SIF is committed to reducing energy usage and office consumables. Management and staff are educated on and encouraged to reduce paper usage, cut down on power consumption by switching off the power of devices and equipment when not in use, as well as leaving minimal lighting switched on after office hours.

We will continue to raise awareness amongst management and staff to step up on recycling efforts in as well as reducing waste from all areas of our operations.

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